Frequently Asked Questions


1.  Is there any cost involved in running an online Spirit Sale?

NOPE!  No cost, No Risk, No Hassle.


2.  Can we run one sale with multiple schools in the same district?

 ABSOLUTELY!  We can either create separate sites per school or one central site for all schools in the district.  At checkout, parents will be able to designate which school their child goes to along with their Grade and Homeroom Teacher so you will know where to distribute.


3.  We don't have a logo.  Can you help?

 Yes, we can help design a new logo for you or modify any existing logo for you at no charge.


4.  How many logos can we offer?

 Although we encourage keeping your sale simple, we understand that you may want to offer more than one logo on your items.  We do allow for multiple logos per sale; however, we caution that too many logos puts you at risk for not meeting minimum print requirements


5.  What are the minimums?

 We require a run of at least 24 pieces of any logo.   So, for example, if you offer T shirts, Long Sleeves and Hoodies all with the same logo, you could combine these together to meet the 24-pc minimum.   Items like pants and hats would each have their own minimum print requirements since the size of the logo would change.  If minimums are not met, you will have the option of refunding the orders or purchasing the extra pieces to reach 24.


6.  How many products can we offer on our sale?

 Variety is the spice of life, right??  Well, sort of!  We love variety and encourage a nice assortment of styles and brands but TOO much is overwhelming.  Think about it – MOST parents are looking to just grab one or two items, so their kid has something to wear on Spirit Days.  Offering 50 items really is overkill.  No one is going to order that much stuff even if they really like what they see.  Keep it simple and run another sale in the Fall/Spring to change it up.  We suggest around 8-10 styles offered in Youth, Adult, and Ladies coordinates.


7.  Can we offer other items like water bottles, umbrellas, etc?

 Although we have access to thousands of promotional items from bags to water bottles galore, we don’t suggest offering them with apparel on the same sale.   Most of these promos come with higher minimums (100-250 qty) so unless you are ok with keeping stock on hand to sell throughout the year, we recommend putting them on a sale of their own.  November is great for a Holiday Blanket sale.  Want to offer umbrellas?  Look to hold an umbrella sale in April just as Spring hits.  You will make out much better this way.


8.  Can we parents order items with personalization?  (Name, number)

 Of course!  Just let us know if you would like us to offer personalization as an option during checkout.   The cost for personalization is $5 and is not included in the fundraising.


9.  How much profit can we make?

That is completely up to you!  You will receive the cost pricing of all items of you sale and have the option of offering the items at cost (no profit) or marking them up any dollar amount.  The most common mark up is $5 per item.


10.  How long does it take to create my website?

 3 business days after your logo is approved and we have confirmed which products you are selecting.


11.  How long should we keep a sale open?

 We recommend a two-week sale.  Most will order in the very beginning or very end.  Two weeks gives parents ample time and will create some urgency for procrastinators who will wait until the last minute anyway.  Those who order early will be waiting longer if you extend the order time frame.


12.  How can we get the most out of our sale?

 Promoting your website link is the MOST IMPORTANT KEY to a successful sale.  You need to share your link EVERYWHERE –  and OFTEN.  Keep reminding your parents, especially in the final days.  Imagine a parent telling you after the sale is over that, “They didn’t know about it.”  Don’t let that happen!


13.  Do you offer a printed flyer?

 Yes!  Not only do we offer a printed flyer, we offer an entire MARKETING KIT with every sale!  These tools are key in helping promote your sale for maximum results.


14.  Can we keep a sale open all year?

 A year-long sale is not recommended.  Because we print in bulk to keep your costs down, a sale with a set end date works best.  If parents know there is an end date, they will be encouraged to order in the proper time frame.  We can offer multiple sales throughout the year to accommodate the need for multiple orders.


15.  Can we see a list of people who ordered?

 Yes!  We provide you with a full sales report that includes a list of everyone who placed an order on your site and what they ordered.


16.  What print processes do you offer?

 Most of our items are Screen Printed using plastisol inks.  Direct to Garment printing is also offered on complex designs with more than 4 colors.  We offer Embroidery for Hats, Beanies, Jackets and Polos.


17.  How long does it take to receive our orders?

 Orders will be received approximately 3-4 weeks after the sale END date.


18.  How do the orders come delivered?

 Orders bulk shipped to the school will be in labeled boxes by GRADE.  Inside the boxes the orders will be separated by HOMEROOM TEACHER.  All orders are individually bagged in clear polybags with the packing slip showing through so you can identify the student name for easy distribution.


19.  Do you charge for shipping?

 We will bulk ship all orders to the school AT NO COST.   If parents select to have their order shipped directly to the home, standard shipping rates will apply at checkout.


20.  What happens if I receive an item that is too big/small?

 We do not offer any returns or refunds on printed items.  Size charts are provided on your site to help determine sizing and our customer service reps are always willing to answer any questions you have before ordering.


21.  How can I get started?

You can get started NOW with our Easy Store Creator or give us a call at 570-561-2632 or email  We are ready to help!



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