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3.  TOO MANY LOGOS  You have to admit, having a variety of logos and designs may look nice on a flyer - but you are killing your profit.  Printers have quantity breaks and they are NOT based on the specific item.  They are based on the design.  For example, you can combine 50 T-shirts and 50 Pullover hoodies to receive a 100 piece price as long as these have the SAME DESIGN on all.  Keep the additional logos for a second sale during the year.     

4.  THE DRAWN OUT SALE  Here’s the honest truth… most sale orders come in within the FIRST couple days of the sale or the LAST couple days of the sale.  So, there is no reason to extend a sale for more than 2 weeks.  I would even go so far to suggest a 1 week sale to create a sense of urgency.  Need another reason to keep a sale short?  Orders are processed after the sale ENDS.   With a drawn out sale, the people who order first feel like they are waiting FOREVER to receive their items. 

Have you ever been overwhelmed searching through the sea of t-shirts, hoodies, and sweatpants?  Deciding between heavy cotton, 50/50 blends, tri-blends, poly/cotton and dri-wick?  Don't worry, we've got you covered.

There are no doubt countless options of apparel, but if you are looking to MAXIMIZE your profit you want to keep it simple.  Remember this... Parents typically do NOT want to overpay, even if it IS considered a fundraiser.  Additionally I don't know about your kids, but mine can grow a size overnight leaving you with a shirt that is too small quicker than you would like.  So keep it simple. Keep it GOOD, BUT INEXPENSIVE, and you will find your group will be happy with your sale and likely to buy again next time for that bigger size.

Before I get into a list of the best profit makers and the  profit potential I need to first share with you some crucial informaion.

So there you have it, your crash course in maximizing potential.  Now on to a list of the popular 'go-to' products when looking to maximize profits.  Remember from the above tips that the quanitities are based on the total amount of items with the SAME LOGO so you would likely combine your total T Shirts and Pullover Hoodie if they have the same design.  Also, these prices are based on a 1 or 2 COLOR print.  So feel free to print as many colors as you like, but keep in mind that the cost increase along with the buying price.

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5.  GONE AND FORGOTTEN  I can’t stress this enough.  If you don’t promote your sale, you are missing out.  Having people wear your printed apparel is awesome.  Not only do you make money from the sale, but you have kids, parents, and grandparents walking around wearing YOUR logo.    They are little walking billboards!  So yes, you WANT them to buy… and to wear the stuff.  Use email, use social media, post flyers – EVERYWHERE.  Parents are swamped with things to remember.  Send reminders, especially in the closing days of the sale.

2.  TOO MANY DESIGN COLORS TO PRINT  Everyone wants to promote a cool logo but be careful in picking colors.  Don’t get me wrong, you don’t have to stick with just a one color design.  However, it’s important to understand that the more colors you add to your design, the more it will cost.  The result?  Less profit or higher sale prices.  In the printing world, every color and every added location (sleeve, back) adds more to the cost.

Remember, there are lots of options out there.   There are certainly times when comfy flannel PJ pants, moisture-wicking fabric, tie dye, or rhinestone bling will be sought after - so have fun with it!  We'll be there to help you make it EASY. 


1.  FAILING TO PLAN   It’s true.  Fail to plan and you are planning to fail. It’s true.  Not having a clear goal in mind for your sale will leave you feeling disappointed.  Is the overall goal getting the most profit possible?  Then you need to select ‘good’ but less expensive items.  Would you rather offer new, trendy top name brands?  Then you are looking at higher cost and priced items, and potentially less profit.  Either is fine, but know in advance what your goals are.