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 Ok so let’s get to it.  Listen up, because really all comes down to this...  your need to have a clear objective for the sale you want to run.  Not having a goal in mind will lead to disappointment every time.  And what to do then??  Blame the vendor?? ☹ ☹☹

 Here’s what you need to ask yourself – do you want to run a FUNDRAISER or a SALE?    Is the overall goal getting the most profit possible?  Then it’s a FUNDRAISER.  Keep it simple.  You need to select ‘good’ but less expensive items. 

 Think about it, affordability encourages VOLUME.   Volume LOWERS YOUR COST.   And sales volume raises overall school spirit.  Get the school involved.  Promote “Spirit Days” where your items are encouraged to raise school spirit.   A sea of kids wearing their school shirts on spirit days?  That’s cool, and kids love it.

 On the flip side, are you looking for a wide variety of product options?  Nicer quality, for a higher price tag?  You want to run a SALE.  There’s nothing wrong with that.  And your parents will likely be impressed with the soft feel of a nice tri-blend or wicking sweatshirt along with those cool flannel pajama pants.

 But here’s the thing... how many parents want to pay $50 for a cool dri-fit sweatshirt?  For multiple kids?  Not many.  Face it, not every parent will be willing to dish out the cash for the higher ticket items.  So be prepared for happy parents, but lower volume of overall sales and lower profit.

Let me be clear.  Either type of sale is fine, just know in advance what your goals are so you can set your expectations accordingly.  We are here to guide you on whichever path you choose.