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​What are the costs to set up an online store?

​​​​​There are absolutely NO costs involved with setting up your online store.  There are also NO costs involved in designing your graphics flyer in .pdf format.  However if you would like us to have bulk flyers printed for you in full color, the cost would be $.20 each delivered.

How long does it take to create an online store?

Once we have your logo and choice of products, we can have your website ready in 2-3 days.

​How long does it take to receive our printed items?

Standard turn around time is 2-3 weeks after sale END date.  If you are also using paper order forms that need to be entered, add 5-7 days.

Can parents ship the items to their homes?

​Your sale includes FREE bulk shipping to one location.  (ie School, Business, Coach, etc)  We can certainly enable the shipping option at check out where items can ship direct to homes.  However, standard shipping rates would apply to these orders.

Can we keep the site up all year round?  **See 5 Critical Mistakes Report

Typically, sales run for a short time frame (average 2 weeks).  Most people either buy early or late so extended sales lose the sense of urgency and typically do not fare as well.  If you are looking to provide school uniforms or other apparel needed year -round, we recommend re-opening a sale every few months.

Do you offer personalization?
You bet!  Names or numbers can be added to any order for an additional fee.

What if people do not feel comfortable ordering online?

No problem!  We can take orders over the phone at 570-561-2632.

How are the orders packaged?

Your website will offer custom checkout questions (ie.  Student Grade, Homeroom, Coach, etc).  We will sort orders this way.  Each order will be individually bagged in a clear polybag with the packing slip enclosed.  All you have to do is open the box and distribute!

Who determines the online pricing for sale items?

We will happily help with a "suggested" price but you are free to charge parents whatever you like.  We will provide a complete cost list of all items before the sale so you can mark up the items as you choose to receive the desired profit.

Can we offer promos like bags or water bottles on our website?

School Spirit Promos has thousands of promos available, however many of these require a minimum qty of 100 or more.  Typically promos sell better when offered separately.  ie.  Umbrella sale in April or Blanket sale in November.  When combined with apparel, these items do not sell as well.  Bottom line, don't offer them unless you are ok with holding extra inventory to sell throughout the year.

Is there a minimum for printing?

There is a 12 piece minimum required to print.  These can be assorted styles as long as the logo is the same.  Any run less than 24 pieces will incur a $20 screen charge.  This charge is waived for runs over 24 pieces.

Can a parent switch an order for a different size?

There are no returns/refunds on printed items.  Size charts are provided on the website.  Some groups opt to order a few extras to have on hand, some groups will "buy back" an item that does not fit and resell it.

Will we receive a list of people who ordered?

Yes!  At the end of the sale, you will get a detailed sales, order, and product report.


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You don't have to be a graphic artist to design a cool logo.  Give it a try or give us a call to help with your design

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Top Selling Apparel

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Top Selling Promotional Products

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​"Awesome! Thank you Cheryl for making this such an easy transaction. We are truly excited to not have to sort all these to be able to deliver to classrooms !! "

​​Mary K.  State Street Elementary, PA​​

"School Spirit Promos is amazing!  They got everything  to us so quickly, already bagged and organized.   Everyone loved them! "

 Maura A., Flanders Elementary, CT


"I have to say the quality is great, packaging and organization even better. "

Christine Cahill, Fort Montgomery Elementary, NY

Here's how it works:

​​1)  Select your products from a wide variety of styles and brands

2)  We create your online store. 

3)  You send the link out to your group

4)  Group members order and pay online

​5)  We tally, print, and individually bag items by order and sort by grade/homeroom teacher/coach, etc.

6)  All orders are bulk shipped to the school ready for easy distribution.  Your profit check and sales reports are enclosed!

​​​Yes, it's that easy.   NO COST.  NO RISK.  NO HASSLE.    Want to see some sample stores?  Go to and look under the "STORES" link on top.

​Questions?  Ready to get started?  Call 570-561-2632 or click on the button below!